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From my experience, when you order generic viagra at TC, you get Fildena(Fortune Healthcare) or Suhagra brand. Both work fine. But I now have a slight preference for Kamagra, so order that brand specifically. I think all those generic brands work just fine.

With so many people searching for viagra reviews online, I thought we should have a section on the forum where our members can reveal their personal experiences with Viagra (generic and Pfizer's).
I have tried both Pfizer's Viagra and generics like Suhagra and Silagra. In my opinion generic viagra works as good as Pfizer's except that I think Pfizerr's pill seems to work faster. I have only tried 4 pills of Pfizer's Viagra(100 mg) ever, so I can't say for sure, but that's my gut feeling.
I have been finding it difficult to maintain erections without help for almost a decade. When I tried Viagra for the first time couple of months back I was soo thrilled, I felt so confident. I got a nice firm erection that would hold good for long time... People say Viagra is short acting, but I find that it is pretty good even the next morning which would be good 6-8 hours after ingestion.

I have been on generic Viagra for almost a year now. I initially tried the 5mg Cialis daily dose for 3months. It was great at first but I felt it didn't give me hard erections, only semi-hard ones. After that I tried 50mg Viagra and I could tell a marked difference! I am 52 years old and have passionate sex with my wife at least 2 - 3 times weekly. So grateful to the scientists who invented these drugs in my generation! When I really think about it, my sex life is better now than it was ever before... I am 48 years old and had a bad marriage with an alcoholic that ended not long ago. All sex and fun and disappeared out of my life for the past couple of years with her as a partner. Had no sex at all for almost a year. After the divorce I met someone really sweet and beautiful, but shocked to find that I was unable to sustain hard erection. Apparently my dick forgot how to get hard after not getting enough puss for a lengthy period...Sign-up now!

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